1. Pack Early!  
Youll be supprised how long it takes to pack your items, so make sure that you leave plenty of time! Packing early gives you lots of time to declutter your items. 
2. Start with the rooms you need least 
If you will not require the item before the removal date... Pack it! Seasonal items that you are currently not using such as Christmas decorations or gardening tools are great examples.  
Always use secure boxes 
Boxes need to be strong, secure and stackable. Our staff at Copps will not be responsable for any badly packed boxes and our staff are trained to refuse a box thats not secure. 
Please remember.. A Shopping bag is not a sutible packing box!  
Do not over pack your boxes... But Do not underfill either!  
If you can't lift them off the floor... our staff will not be able to cary them for a distance!  
If youre packing books in a lage box, Do not over fill the box with weight. Put the boxes at the bottom of the box with a light item such as a cushion to fill the space on top. If you leave the space empty in the box, the removal box is likly to calopse when stacked!  
All boxes should be tapped on the top and bottom 
Put Heavier items at the bottom 
This packing tips like this may be common sence, but its still important to mention! Do not but heavy items ontop of fragile items. 
Lable your boxes 
Write the contence and the room it belongs to on top of each box. This will help us when it comes to unloading it and easier for you to recognise them.  
Leave your clothes in your chest of drawers... If the drawer can be pulled out. 
TIP Use tissue paper rather than white paper when packing glass items. White paper can cause fine scratches to glasswear. 
Beware of newspaper! 
The ink from newspapers can rub off onto your items so please take extra care. Use plain paper where this could cause an issue. 
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